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Eldredgeops rana crassituberculata Silica formation Nick Katsarelas

Submitted on 2019-07-21 by Nick Katsarelas

Location (approximate): Milan, Washtenaw, MI

Strat unit: Silica formation

Submitter notes: This is the largest (partial) trilobite I ever found. It's approximately 4 cm across the cephalon. It was beautifully prepped by Joseph Koniecki.

Photo title:

Taxa present: Eldredgeops rana crassituberculata

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Spongophyllum alpenense Potter Farm formation Nick Katsarelas

Submitted on 2019-07-24 by Nick Katsarelas

Location (approximate): Alpena, Alpena, MI

Strat unit: Potter Farm formation

Submitter notes: I retrieved this specimen from a construction site on Bagley Road in 2018. The site is now a credit union. Specimen is approximately 70 mm x 90 mm.

Photo title: Spongophyllum alpenense

Taxa present: Spongophyllum alpenense

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