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Arthroacantha carpenteri, Platyceras sp. Arkona formation Shanan Peters

Submitted on 2007-02-02 by Shanan Peters

Location (approximate): Arkona, Lambton, ON

Strat unit: Arkona formation

Submitter notes:

Photo title: Platyceratid gastropod on crinoid calyx

Taxa present: Arthroacantha carpenteri, Platyceras sp.

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Favosites sp. Genshaw formation Shanan Peters

Submitted on 2007-02-03 by Shanan Peters

Location (approximate): Alpena, Alpena, MI

Strat unit: Genshaw formation

Submitter notes: I'm not sure what species this is without sectioning, but I'm pretty sure it is a cool Favosites colony.

Photo title: Favositid coral

Taxa present: Favosites sp.

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Eldredgeops milleri Silica formation Shanan Peters

Submitted on 2011-04-24 by Shanan Peters

Location (approximate): Sylvania, Lucas, OH

Strat unit: Silica formation

Submitter notes: This specimen was collected by Ken Karns, back in the hey-day of Sylvania.

Photo title: Eldredgeops milleri double

Taxa present: Eldredgeops milleri

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