A rare crinoid from the Bell Shale of Rockport, Alpena

Submitted by: David Thompson
Taxon: Dolatocrinus kutasii
Submit date: 2007-03-14
Location (approximate): Rockport, Alpena, MI
Stratigraphy: Bell Formation
Age: Erian (Middle Devonian)
Submitter notes: This is an example of Dolatocrinus kutasii from the Bell Shale at Rockport, MI This is described in the 'Contributions from the Museum of Paleontolgy' which is available as a link to this website. Dr. Kesling's tongue in cheek description of the finding of the first complete specimen shows some of the enthusiasm he had for collecting. I found this Calyx in 1995 & it was cleaned by Scott Vergiels of the 'Friends'. This does show attached stem & a part of an arm with pinnules.

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