Submitted by: Joseph Koniecki
Taxon: Stromatoporoid
Submit date: 2007-02-04
Location (approximate): Thedford, Lambton, ON
Stratigraphy: Hungry Hollow Formation
Age: Erian (Middle Devonian)
Submitter notes: This pieces is over a foot across. It has been donated the UMMP and is available for research purposes. With care, the strom can be lifted off the matrix to examine the back side.

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Shanan PetersFebruary 04, 2007 at 10:02 AM

Joe: This is a really cool specimen. Stroms were one of the more important framework builders in the MiBasin, but they are often overlooked in the field because they are big and difficult to prepare. It's a real treat to see one so lovingly brought back to life!
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