Spinocyrtia sp. with epifauna.

Submitted by: David Thompson
Taxon: Spinocyrtia sp., Aulocystis commensalis
Submit date: 2007-02-12
Location (approximate): Alpena, Alpena, MI
Stratigraphy: Norway Point Formation
Age: Erian (Middle Devonian)
Submitter notes: This old Brachiopod was encrusted with several types of creatures living on her & they died with her also. There were boring sponges,'Clionoides' on the growth lines of her valves & Aulocystis tabulate coral on her brachial valve. There are some small bryzoan also but these are not identifiable. This brachiopod is from the Norway Point member, also known as the 'boat launch.' Scott Vergiels assisted in this identification.

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