Colony Coral

Submitted by: Mike Topor
Taxon: Alveolites goldfussi, Botryllopora socialis
Submit date: 2007-03-05
Location (approximate): Arkona, Lambton, ON
Stratigraphy: Hungry Hollow Formation
Age: Erian (Middle Devonian)
Submitter notes: Alveolites is common in the Hungry Hollow member. This distinct colony coral is disc-shaped. This specimen is large for the species. Generally, younger specimens will exhibit a smoother surface. This un-cleaned coral shows patches of shale on its surface. A tiny colony of Botryllopora socialis has made a home on the shale near the center of the colony. You will need to zoom in to see it. The coral measures 135mm x 115mm and is approximately 45mm thick.

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