Spirifer Brachiopod with inarticulates

Submitted by: David Thompson
Taxon: Mediospirifer audaculus, Petrocrania hamiltoniae, Aulopora
Submit date: 2007-03-08
Location (approximate): Milan, Washtenaw, MI
Stratigraphy: Silica Formation
Age: Erian (Middle Devonian)
Submitter notes: This is another species of 'spirifer' Brachiopod from the Silica formation. This top view shows 4 inarticulate brachiopods, Petrocrania hamiltoniae, clustered on the top valve on one side only along with Aulopora corals. There is an additional inarticulate on the underside also which may indicate that this end was above the substrate and allowing the epifauna to live in this area.

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