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Arthroacantha carpenteri Arkona formation Joseph Koniecki

Submitted on 2007-02-02 by Joseph Koniecki

Location (approximate): Arkona, Lambton, ON

Strat unit: Arkona formation

Submitter notes: The starburst is about 7 inches in diameter

Photo title: Arthroacantha starburst

Taxa present: Arthroacantha carpenteri

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Arthroacantha carpenteri, Platyceras Silica formation Tomasz Baumiller

Submitted on 2007-02-01 by Tomasz Baumiller

Location (approximate): Sylvania, Lucas, OH

Strat unit: Silica formation

Submitter notes: Medusa Portland Cement Co; quarry unit 7 scale bar=15 mm

Photo title: Arthroacantha w/platyceratid

Taxa present: Arthroacantha carpenteri, Platyceras

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